Foto: Nils Bremer
Foto: Nils Bremer

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13 simple things to make your man happy

Making your man happy is not hard at all, because they are quite easy to please! Here are 13 ways to keep any guy happy and smiling by your side. Try it and see what happens.
I’m glad that I decided to write about this topic, because once again, I realized how easy it is to make men happy. Mon Dieu, they are so much less complicated than us women! It's incredible how little they need to feel happy and loved. Give your man a blowjob, feed him and give him space to do his things, and he'll be the happiest creature on Earth! Well, it's not "quite" as easy as that ladies, but definitely not much more difficult either.

All the men that I have interviewed said more or less the same thing. The answers were very down to earth, and it didn't seem like anyone needed something strange or appalling to make him happy. It makes me very glad to see that most men are happy with simple and doable actions that any woman can do to make her guy happy. Please note that none of them said they need a woman who works a lot, earns tons of money or buys him expensive gifts. No at all, they need a good woman to listen to them and show that she cares. Ladies if you follow these 13 simple things, you will have a very happy and grateful man by your side:

1. Blowjobs and sex. Don't forget that men connect intimately and physically.
2. Be supportive.
3. Be a good listener, and show him that you are loyal and care.
4. Give him a massage when he's tired.
5. Always be honest and truthful.
6. Be funny and show your sense of humor.
7. Give him space for his own things and friends.
8. Be happy and this will make him happy too! Ever hear of the saying "Happy wife, happy life?" It's true, and your positivity will rub off on him too.
9. Surprises - like a cute note, small present, nice lingerie, and special dinner - cook something delicious for him.
10. Do sports together.
11. Stay sexy - don't let yourself go.
12. Take interest in his hobby - and offer to do it together.
13. Emotional stability. Men don't want, need or like drama.

This reminds me of Heather's story. 5 years ago she met a guy and everything started off so well. The first few months were like living in a dream. They didn't get out of bed for weeks, and she never had so many orgasms in her entire life before. They did lots of things together and really enjoyed each other's company. But after the initial "Flowers, sex & chocolate" phase ended, reality set in, and Heather showed her egoistic side. Not only did she stop making herself look pretty when they met, but she stopped her effort all together. She told me that she hardly even had sex with him anymore, and didn’t bother doing small things to make him happy. After almost a year, he gave up as well, and the relationship became horrible. The fights began and the drama was out of control. The insane part was that she still loved him very much, but made no effort! I told her to start doing things to make him happy, but her answer was, "What has he done for me lately?!" It was a pure selfish power struggle between the two, and the end was very near. He was a good man, and Heather really regrets the breakup, crying that she could have done more to make him happy! He really didn't ask for much, but Heather was unfortunately too selfish at the time to see that.

From my own experience, when a man is happy and gets what he needs from his woman, he is very open, pleased and even eager to give back. A good man will always show his appreciation. He sees, and more importantly feels when a woman really loves him and wants to make him happy. Besides, look at those easy 13 points, they are really not asking for too much. My dear ladies, it's time for us to give back to our sweethearts and make an effort to keep them happy. The good ones definitely deserve it.

21. November 2014, 10.18 Uhr
Galia Brener
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