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VLOG Galia Brener


Galia Brener's Vlog
Bye Frankfurt, hello Gotland!
Gotland ist für mich besonders, weil es noch ein Geheimtipp ist und weil man dort sehen und erleben kann, wie die Vikinger früher gelebt haben. Und der Strand ist auch wunderbar.
Text: Galia Brener / Foto: Galia Brener
Sterne Cup der Köche 2018: For Galia Brener it was a fun and unforgettable weekend full of champagne, delicious food, Michelin stars, celebrities, parties, dancing and relaxation. Watch Galia's VLOG here.
Text: Galia Brener / Foto: Galia Brener
Galia Brener travels to Sweden
From Frankfurt to Växjö – the Video
Our columnist Galia Brener continues with her Video Diary – this time from Sweden. "I am so impressed with this country and its warm and lovely people", she says. Watch her adventure here ...
Text: Galia Brener / Foto: Galia Brener
Galia Breners Videokolumne
Richtig Streiten mit Andreas Rexroth
Journal-Kolumnistin Galia Brener sitzt zusammen mit Psychologe Andreas Rexroth auf seiner Couch und erfährt wie man sich am besten streitet. Ohne sich anzuschreien ;)
Text: Galia Brener / Foto: Galia Brener
Galia Brener's Videoblog
La Parisienne (Vlog Part 2)
The Sofitel shows famous photos of famous women – and our columnist was there to speak at the Vernissage. Watch her video about "La Parisienne" right here, right now.
Text: Galia Brener / Foto: Galia Brener
Galia Brener's VLOG
Galia's Digital Diary - Episode 1
The adventure begins! What a super exciting day at the Dylus salon and later at the Fraport Skyliner’s pokal game! Our Blogger Galia Brener becomes a Vlogger check out her new video here.
Text: Galia Bremer / Foto: gb
Galia Brener's Column
Do Guys Like Bad Girls?
Is it the hot sex or the feeling of danger? Don't you see that she is using and destroying you - she sucked you dry and left you alone to bleed and die. Or is that exactly what you like?
Text: Galia Brener / Foto: privat
Galia Brener's column
My personal diary #atthemoxy
Last Saturday, after many years, the time came that I finally renewed my old eye tattoo - and all for a charity and good cause at the stylish Moxy Frankfurt East.
Text: Galia Brener / Foto: gb
Galia Brener's column
10 Signs that s/he is a Player!
How do you know that you met a player? You meet someone new, open yourself up to them and then bam! You get your heart shattered in a million pieces. Here are 10 signs to recognize and avoid the players.
Text: Galia Brener / Foto: Galia Brener
Galia Brener's column
Hey Ladies, go have fun!
My dear ladies, it’s time to have some fun. Go out there, meet them, and date them - even at the same time. You deserve the best, so make a good choice for your future! Variety will help you learn and pick. Enjoy!
Text: Galia Brener / Foto: Galia Brener
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